E-waste is a big environmental concern these days, not just commercial e-waste but residential, too. There was a time when no one would have asked or penalized you if you threw your keyboard or small phone into a curbside bin. But in today’s world, where small-buttoned phones have evolved into big smartphones with touch displays, batteries, circuits and various other electronic components, it is extremely dangerous to dispose of them in curbside bins. Thus, the need of the hour is e-waste recycling and removal; this post explains the best method to address that need.

What is a doorstep e-waste service?

A doorstep e-waste service includes e-waste pick up from your doorstep. A professional e-waste recycling company comes to you, picks up the e-waste, clears the clutter, loads the e-waste into the truck, and transports it to the recycling center. All you have to do is place a call to the professional e-waste recycling company. It is the most convenient way to get rid of your e-waste although most residents will have to pay a small fee.

Businesses may qualify for free e-waste pickup and removal if their e-waste is valuable, and they may even get money back. E-waste recycling companies have to cover the cost of fuel, labor and for recycling the e-waste.

Doorstep E-waste

Doorstep E-waste

Why consider doorstep e-waste services?

There are many reasons to consider doorstep e-waste services.

  1. It is convenient

The first major reason why people consider doorstep e-waste services is that they are convenient. This holds true for residents and businesses. Your e-waste recycling and removal company will arrive on your doorstep, remove and transport the e-waste to the recycling center.

For business or commercial e-waste removal where data destruction is also required, e-waste companies arrive with the machinery to destroy any storage devices.

  1. You can get rid of all of your e-waste at once

No matter whether it is one device or ten, you can get rid of all of your e-waste devices at once. When you try to get rid of all of your electronic devices yourself, if they large in size it could be a problem transporting them to the free drop-off recycling center. You may also have to pay a recycling fee for some items. But with doorstep e-waste recycling services, you can get rid of all your devices at once without having to invest too much.

  1. It is cost-efficient

Hiring doorstep e-waste services may be a cost-efficient option for you. The reason why we are saying so is that when you try to get rid of your e-waste on your own, you need to consider the fuel cost, recycling fee, cost of renting a dumpster, if you have large electronic items at home, and a person to load them into the dumpster or truck. In such circumstances, hiring doorstep e-waste services can be a cost-effective option.

These are the three key reasons why it’s worth considering hiring a professional doorstep e-waste service.

If you need professional doorstep e-waste services for residents or businesses, Xtreme Green Recycling can provide e-waste collection and recycling for you. If you want to go the DIY route, drop off your e-waste at our free drop-off e-waste recycling center.


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