E-waste is a major concern in today’s world. Many steps have been taken by governments, big tech giants, private e-waste recycling companies, NGOs and other elements in society across the globe to tackle the rising concern of e-waste.

When you ask yourself the question, how to get rid of your electronics, you have a range of options in front of you. In this post, we will be comparing where professional residential e-waste recycling services stand in comparison to other options so that you know what the best options are.

What Are the Different Options to Get Rid of Your Old Electronics?

First of all, learn about all the options you have to get rid of your electronics, including the following options for residential e-waste disposal:

  • Recycling at Best Buy or local stores;
  • Free e-waste drop off-centers;
  • Donating to NGOs;
  • Hiring professional e-waste recycling services; and
  • Dropping back to the manufacturer.

Now look at where professional e-waste recycling services stand in comparison to other alternatives.

Residential e-waste recycling services vs other alternatives

Best Buy

You can recycle your old electronic items at Best Buy but recycling is only available for residents. It is a good option but has some drawbacks. You cannot recycle every electronic item, only the listed items, and there is a limit to the number of items you can recycle. Also, Best Buy charges you for recycling large appliances and if you use their waste collection services, you will be charged a collection fee.

Comparing professional e-waste recycling services with Best Buy, e-waste recycling companies offer you the advantage of recycling an unlimited number of items, recycling large appliances and a front door pickup service, although they charge fees for their services. The cost of both options is more or less the same but professional services offer more convenience.

Free E-waste Drop Off

Free e-waste drop-off is a lucrative alternative that can get rid of your old electronic items for free but you have to take your electronics to the recycling center, and may have to pay a recycling fee for some items. Hiring an e-waste recycling agency saves you from the hard yards and sometimes can be cost-effective as free drop-off has an indirect cost associated with it in the form of fuel costs, renting a truck and paying a fee for large appliances.

Dropping Back to the Manufacturer

If your old electronics are in good condition, you can sell them back to the manufacturer or market. But here, you can also take advantage of professional recycling companies by asking them to purchase your items. Professional waste recycling companies purchase old items at a good price.

Donate to NGOs

We all know donation is the best way to make the most out of your old electronics items. Along with NGOs and charitable organizations, good e-waste recycling companies run fundraising programs where you can donate your old electronics and get a receipt for tax benefits.

Professional e-waste recycling companies are as good as, or even better, when it comes to other alternatives for e-waste recycling. It may sound a little biased but professional e-waste recycling companies have all the capabilities.

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