About our data destruction service

Our data destruction services help protect you against identity theft.

A data breach can be a huge liability for your company! Many E-waste recyclers and junk removal companies do not have the ability to perform onsite destruction services that you, the customer, can witness. Just because a company promises to destroy the data does not guarantee that it will be done. We take the worry and anxiety out of the process, with our manual, hand-held crusher that breaks through the platter, ensuring your data is destroyed. We come out to your residence or place of business and crush the drives right in front of you. After that, we securely store the material until the drives are ready to be shipped to our downstream facility in Chino, CA, where the drives are sent for shredding. You can be confident that when you choose Xtreme Electronic Recycling, we take the security of your personal data very seriously! 

Hard Disk Degausser HD200 is a highly effective way to securely destroy data

HIPAA compliant data destruction

We offer the most secure method of data destruction.

Data destruction is a crucial process for organizations that handle sensitive information, such as hospitals, medical facilities, banks, and any other entities that must comply with HIPAA regulations. The Hard Disk Degausser HD200 is a highly effective machine that is commonly used for this purpose. It uses a powerful magnetic field to erase data from hard drives, rendering it irretrievable. This method of data destruction is highly secure and ensures that sensitive information cannot be accessed by unauthorized individuals. By using the Hard Disk Degausser HD200, organizations can be confident that they are protecting their patients’ or customers’ sensitive information and complying with applicable regulations.

How a degausser works

Our pricing

We offer both on-site, drop off, and HIPPA compliant data destruction.

On-site (your location) data destruction

$74.99 set-up fee

Under 25 Drives:

Starting at $3.50

per device

Over 25 Drives:

Starting at $2.50

per device

HIPPA compliant data destruction

$250-$750 set-up fee


per device

Drop-off data destruction

Includes removal and destruction


per device

Disclaimer: We only guarantee the destruction of our customers’ data if you purchase our data destruction service. We ship all our material to third-party vendors for recycling, reuse, and repurposing. We currently do not offer the removal of data from cell phones and tablets; it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all data is removed from devices prior to drop-off or pick-up.

Why choose us for data destruction?

We understand the importance of keeping confidential data secure, which is why we offer on-site, physical destruction of devices. This ensures that your information is kept away from any unauthorized individuals. Anytime you send a device to a recycling facility without destroying the data, there is a chance it could fall into the wrong hands. To avoid the risk of data theft, just give us a call, and we will take care of your business’s needs.