E-waste has become a major concern worldwide. The E-waste crisis has hit almost every nation. However, the extent varies from country to country. According to Statista, China is the largest producer of electronic waste worldwide, followed by the United States. China generated more than 10 million metric tons of e-waste in 201, and the USA generated roughly seven million metric tons of e-waste.

A United Nations study reported that 53.6 million tons of e-waste were discarded in 2019, out of which only 17.4% were disposed of properly.

Much action has been taken at the government level; different policies have been crafted and adopted which have made e-waste recycling mandatory. The policies prohibit residents and businesses from disposing of e-waste into bins or dump in landfills. Below are the five legal ways for Clovis residents and businesses to dispose of their e-waste.

  1. Enroll in our Buy-Back Program

This is the best way to recycle your e-waste. Government e-waste handling policies have compelled manufacturers to take back the e-waste. Thus, manufacturers run different types of e-waste buy-back recycling programs through a partnership with retailers and e-waste recycling companies to collect your e-waste. Many independent e-waste recycling companies also buy back your old items for cash or rewards. Enroll in a buy-back program to get rid of your e-waste.

  1. Take to the Recycling Center

Not all electronic items qualify for buy-back programs, especially residential electronic waste. You can get rid of that e-waste for free by dropping it off at the e-waste recycling center in your area. Search for a free drop-off location, learn about the items they will accept and transport them to the recycling center. If we talk about Clovis City, you can drop off your e-waste items at our free drop-off e-waste recycling center at 1090 Cole Ave, Clovis, CA 93612. At Xtreme Green Recycling, we accept most of your old electronics items.

  1. Donate Old Items

There are many NGOs that accept old electronic items and donate them to schools, recreational centers and old people’s homes. Just make sure that your old electronic items are in workable condition so that they do not cause trouble. You can also deduct your donations on the following year’s tax return if you get a receipt.

  1. Sell Back to the Manufacturer

You can sell back your e-waste to the manufacturer who will accept items that are at their end useful life through retailers or exchange programs. Talk to the manufacturers and work out which options are best to sell back your old items.

  1. Hire a Professional E-Waste Recycling Company

If your e-waste is just waste and not in working condition, call a professional e-waste recycling services company to remove and recycle it. Professional e-waste recycling companies come to your location, clear the clutter and dispose of it responsibly. It is the most convenient way to get rid of your e-waste.


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