Do you remember where your candlestick telephone is? Most probably, you have no idea when you last saw it. So, how many cell phones have you changed over the last few years? The answer might be two to four, or more than that.

These questions are not only for you but for everyone that is using electronic items. These questions matter a lot because e-waste, aka electronic waste, is a threat to our environment.

Do you know that electronic waste has scary effects on our ecosystem? It is high time people understood that reduce, reuse and employing an e-waste recycling service is the actual need of the hour.

In this column, we will share everything you should know about e-waste and its harmful effects on the environment. So, let’s get started.

The Adverse Effects of E-Waste

Everyone uses electronics but very few people know that these products contain toxic substances. When an electronic item reaches the end of its usable lifecycle, it becomes e-waste and should be handled with care. E-waste ends up in landfills and non-dumping sites, causing serious environmental problems.

  • Land pollution – as stated earlier, e-waste contains some toxic substances. It is dumped illegally or thrown into regular landfills. The results are contaminated groundwater and soil. The heavy metals and flame retardants seep from the e-waste into the soil and pollute it. When land or soil becomes contaminated, it becomes useless. The farmland does not remain productive and if we grow any crops in contaminated land, it may cause illness. However, the effects of e-waste may be less and more depending on the type of waste and the soil composition.
  • Air pollution – if you avoid disposing of e-waste in landfills and use other processes, like dismantling and shredding, it may cause air pollution. The dust particles will release toxins into the environment that can damage the respiratory health of people. Burning e-waste can also result in severe diseases, like cancer. People burn electronics to extract valuable metals, like gold and silver, from e-waste. But it affects the air quality, leading to neurological and breathing problems in people and animals.
  • Water pollution – when e-waste pollutes the land, it leaks through the earth and pollutes the groundwater. Sometimes the toxic substances reach ponds, streams, and lakes. This is not only harmful to people, it is an alarming situation for marine life. Toxic substances, like mercury, lithium, lead, and barium, pollute the water. It can kill marine organisms and disturb the entire ecosystem.

The final words

Now you might understand the seriousness of the problem. Electronic waste has hazardous effects on the land, air, and water. If we don’t act responsibly now, the results will be devastating.

So, take a step ahead towards the environment and get in touch with professionals, like Xtreme Green Recycling. We can help you manage the e-waste by providing services for free electronic recycling in Fresno, CA. We ensure reliable, efficient services for e-waste recycling.


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