E-waste has become a global concern. We produce more than 50 million tonnes of e-waste every year. Do you know that e-waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills, but it equals 70% of overall toxic waste? And you might be surprised to know that e-waste is one of the most valuable types of waste. A range of precious materials such as gold, silver, and nickel can be recovered from e-waste.

So what are the promising solutions for e-waste? Let’s find out because it will help residents and business owners deal with their e-waste. They cannot throw their e-waste in the garbage. For example, if you are living in Clovis, California, it is illegal to throw e-waste in the garbage. You need e-waste services to get rid of your e-waste.

Three Most Promising Solutions for E-waste     

Reduce and Reuse

Reduce the creation of e-waste. You can do that by using the old electronic items. Rather than buying the new electronic items, repair the old items and encourage the use of old items. For example, if your old electronic items are in working condition, you can donate them to charitable organizations or nursing homes. It helps you reuse old items and reduce the creation of e-waste.

Buyback Program

You can enroll in an e-waste buyback program. Most large electronic equipment manufacturers run buyback programs. You can get rewards or free e-waste recycling in exchange for e-waste. It helps prevent e-waste from ending up in landfills. This type of program is usually popular for commercial IT companies. This is because they have a large amount of e-waste. For example, at Xtreme Green Recycling, we run an IT purchase program where we offer up to $85 per laptop.

E-waste Recycling  

Hire an e-waste recycling company. If your e-waste items are in damaged condition that you cannot donate and are eligible for a buyback program, you can recycle them. You can either take the items to the e-waste recycling center or call a professional electronics recycling company to pick up the e-waste and recycle it. E-waste is recycled at the recycling center, and precious metals are recovered.


Are there any tax benefits of donating your old electronic items?

Yes, you can collect the receipts from the charitable organizations for the donation you made. It helps you reduce your taxable income.

How to recycle e-waste in Clovis?

You can recycle e-waste in Clovis by contacting the e-waste recycling center. In addition, many professional e-waste recycling services companies provide commercial and residential e-waste services. You can call them.

Can I recycle e-waste for free?

Yes, most e-waste items can be recycled for free. You can visit Xtreme Green Recycling e-waste recycling center for free e-waste recycling. We are located at 1090 Cole Ave Clovis, CA 93612.


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