Electronics are a big thing in today’s world; so much so that our lives are incomplete without electronics. Smartphones, laptops, desktops, routers, TVs, and keyboards all come under the umbrella term of electronics and the thing about electronics is that they keep updating over time, which means our old electronics need to be dealt with.

In a report by Gartner, it is reported that more than 1.5 billion cell phones will be shipped in 2021. That’s a huge number of old cell phones that need to be handled properly; if not, they will turn into e-waste.

So, what are the best ways to dispose of your old electronic items?

  1. Recycle

The best way to handle e-waste is by e-waste recycling. E-waste is one of the most precious waste types of all. A vast range of precious materials can be recovered in the process of e-waste recycling. You have three options to recycle e-waste; dropping e-waste to a recycling center, enrolling in a buyback program, or hiring a professional e-waste recycling company.

  • E-waste drop off

Every locality has e-waste drop-off centers where residents can recycle their old electronics for free. Before taking your e-waste to the recycling center, you should ask about the items they accept and the opening times of the recycling center.

  • Professional e-waste recycling companies

You can hire professional e-waste recycling companies to recycle e-waste and is the most convenient way to handle your e-waste. Professionals arrive to clear the clutter and carry it to the recycling center for recycling.

  • Enroll in a buyback program

You can enroll in a buyback program to get rid of your old electronics. Many manufactures and retail stores run buyback programs in which they accept old electronic items and offer rewards in exchange. These stores recycle e-waste to recover the precious materials to be reused for manufacturing.

Waste Recycling Buy-Back Program

  1. Donate

If your electronic items are in good condition, you can go down the donation route to get rid of them. There are many local NGOs and non-profit charitable organizations that can assist you with donations of your old electronic items to schools, old age homes, and similar places where they can be put to good use. Some organizations can provide you with proof the items you donated have gone to good homes, which may help you with tax deductions.

  1. Sell

You can also sell your old electronics items to local stores that accept them and there are many online platforms that sell refurbished items. You can also check whether or not they will accept your old electronics items. Selling your old electronics can help you make some money as well and get rid of the responsibility of recycling.

So these are the three best ways to get rid of your old electronic items. If you are looking for e-waste recycling in the Clovis area, Xtreme Green Recycling is a family-owned e-waste recycling and removal company, proudly serving individuals and businesses in the Central Valley with their electronic recycling needs!


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