Escalating digital data is one of the biggest issues being confronted by the rapidly advancing world. According to studies in 2012, by 2020, the world will produce 5.2 TB of data for every person. This number is a striking rise due to the explosion of the Internet of Things.

This proliferating e-waste is giving the world a tough time, which is especially true for businesses. But there are some efficient remedies that have the potential to curb this problem. There is an emergence of data destruction services which are offering the perfect solution for electronic junk.

Here are some effective reasons why data destruction services can be beneficial, such as free data destruction services in Clovis.

A great way of securing your data

Don’t think the data is no longer valuable just because it is on an unworkable device or a hard drive that is lost. Just deleting the files doesn’t eradicate your data, i.e. it is not being destroyed, so the data has to be destroyed in a professional way.

  • Degaussing: degaussing randomizes and discards the recorded data using strong magnetic fields. It leaves the drive’s functionality completely destroyed.
  • Data destruction software: this method repeatedly overwrites and randomizes the content of the drive to such an extent the data cannot be retrieved.
  • Hard drive destruction: the drive is disassembled and its data storage surface is destroyed.

Legal regulations pertaining to data protection

The escalation of data means it becomes vulnerable across various digital platforms. The legislation ensures the necessary security is in place to protect personal, financial, and health data. However, if you destroy data in an improper way, it can give rise to HIPAA or FACTA violations, resulting in penalties usually in the form of fines for breach of regulations.

Economical and efficient asset management

Asset management is imperative for businesses. If you convert to cloud storage, there is the possibility that outdated hard drives become vulnerable. By managing a business’s assets effectively, it frees office space and prevents potential penalties.

Tip: You can opt for the services which offer e-waste drop-off for your convenience.

Strong client base retention

When your business has a strong client base, it serves as the foundation for the growth of your business. Therefore, it becomes crucial to retain client data. With the building of new client lists, it’s your responsibility to secure and protect their data.

It will also build trust with your clients as they know their data is safe and secure. You can opt for professional data destruction methods to ensure the safety of your data.

Save your reputation

According to estimations, 72% of businesses face collapse when they have suffered a major data breach. Opting for everything to safeguard your client’s data to avoid fines, enhance efficiency and engender trust is a wise move. Protecting your data is going to increase the credibility of your brand as it prevents damage from data leaks.

The bottom line

Overall, there are undisputed advantages offered by data destruction services as they are great remedial solutions for e-waste. If your business is looking for a safe, efficient method of recycling or disposing of hard drives, or any other technology, you can count on reliable providers for free electronics recycling or data destruction.


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