The official EPA website says that electronics donation and recycling is a great way to help conserve resources and natural materials. E-waste has become a huge problem in today’s world. A UN report shows that the e-waste produced annually is worth over $62.5 billion and only 20% of this is formally recycled. Also, there is 100 times more gold in a tone of e-waste than in a tone of gold ore. These statistics show that e-waste is not actually e-waste. Electronics donation and recycling can tackle the problem of e-waste. Let’s find out where you can donate your old electronic items and get free electronics recycling.

Ways to donate old electronic items

Donating old electronics items is the approach based on reducing e-waste. It focuses on using methods that reduce e-waste. For example, encouraging users to upgrade old equipment and keep using them instead of buying brand new products. As most people do not adhere to this approach, reducing e-waste by donation is the best method.

  1. Donate to NGOs and charitable organizations

You can donate your old electronics items to NGOs and charitable organizations. There are many organizations that serve schools, old age homes, care centers and similar places where your old electronics and appliances may be of use. Some organizations provide you with receipts for the donations you make. This may help in reducing your taxable income.

  1. Enroll in nationwide programs

There are many national programs that can help you donate your old electronics items for both for residential and commercial e-waste. You can check out the details of these programs to donate your old electronics.

  1. Donate to manufacturers

You can donate your old electronics to manufacturers. According to the EPA website, manufacturers and retailers offer several options to donate or recycle old electronics. Many manufacturers have joined the SMM Electronics Challenge where consumers can donate and recycle old electronic items.

  1. Donate to professional e-waste recycling companies  

You can donate the old electronic items to professional e-waste recycling companies. There are many private, commercial and residential electronics recycling companies that accept items for donation. Registered and certified e-waste recycling companies provide you with receipts that help you get tax benefits for the items you donate.

  1. Donate by yourself   

If you have a small number of items, you can donate your electronics yourself. Visit local schools, old age homes, care units and other such places to donate your old electronics. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your electronics are in good condition so that they do not become trouble for them.

These are the five ways to donate your old electronic items. You can also donate and recycle your old electronics with us. We run fundraising events for local non-profit and educational institutions. Go green! Call us for more information.


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