Electronic waste or e-waste is an umbrella term used for outdated electronic equipment. Around 50 million tons of e-waste is produced every year globally, and it is estimated that amount will be more than double by 2050. We are already aware that electronic waste is a major cause of severe environmental problems. But, only a few people know about the cybersecurity risks that can occur due to improper e-waste recycling and removalSo, read this blog post to know how e-waste can put your digital security at risk.

Understanding Cybersecurity Risk of E-Waste 

We all are living in a digital world where almost everything is digital. From personal data to sensitive business information, our smartphones and computers contain a lot of data. As a result, many people and businesses have become victims of cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity involves protecting network infrastructure, network devices, and the data stored in devices. It is a major concern of most organizations as they know it can harm their business and cause sleepless nights. But unfortunately, barely a few organizations and people understand the risk of disposing of electronic waste improperly. The illegal dumping of e-waste increases the possibility of identity theft and other security risks. Its high time people understand that overlooking or underestimating the secure disposal of business e-waste can be a costly mistake.

The Security Risks of E-Waste

Here we have listed the security risks you may face because of insecure e-waste recycling or removals services.

  • Hacking 

A malicious act of breaching a computer system or network without permission is known as hacking. Hackers obtain unauthorized access to a computer system or network using various tricks and tools and modify the system to violate its basic integrity.

  • Data Breach & Identity Theft 

Most companies collect and store the personal data of consumers. They may delete it from the system before sending the device for recycling but erasing the data from the hard drive is not an easy job. So, not only the businesses but the information of consumers and clients are also at high risk. Therefore businesses and individuals must hire hard drive disposal services to ensure safety.

  • Extortion

Cybercriminals can use the personal information of individuals or businesses to extract money from them. It involves blackmail, bribery, information leaks, and public humiliation.

Protect Your Business with Secure E-Waste Recycling

In today’s digital world, our prized possession is in the form of electronic data stored in our smartphones and computers/laptops. The sensitive information is stored on electronic devices, from our bank account information to the medical record. Most businesses are also conducted online as it is convenient. While all these things are appreciated, we need to be more responsible with our electronic gadgets. Tossing the old phone aside or throwing it out in the trash can result in serious problems.

So, what to do with the old electronic devices? The answer is that individuals and businesses should hire reliable and reputable e-waste recycling and removal companies. Furthermore, if you are looking for secure electronic waste recycling services in Visalia, you can rely on Xtreme Green Recycling. We ensure to provide secure e-waste services to avoid security risks and protect businesses and individuals from cyber-attacks.


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