Rising e-waste is one of the major global concerns. In America, e-waste represents 2% of the waste in the landfills but contributes to 70% of the toxic e-waste. Most electronic waste items include harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, and palladium. That’s why most state governments have banned throwing e-waste in the garbage.

TV or television is also an electronic item that contains a range of harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the environment. You cannot throw your old TV in the garbage. Thus, you need to recycle it. Let’s find out how to recycle your old TV for free.

Three options to recycle your old TV for free  

E-waste can be recycled for free. Those who are recycling e-waste for the first time might wonder how it is possible. It is possible because e-waste contains precious metals such as gold, copper, and platinum. The e-waste recycling company covers the cost of recycling by selling the recovered materials in the secondary market. Have a look at the three ways of recycling your old TV for free.

Free e-waste drop-off center 

In most cities, you will find e-waste drop-off centers, both public and private. You can drop off your old TV at these registered centers and get them recycled for free. Most of the centers offer free TV recycling. However, some centers may charge you a nominal fee.

Local retail store

You can recycle your old TV for free by visiting the local stores. Your manufacturer may accept the old TVs. If your TV is in good condition, you might earn some rewards for your old TV also. Many stores offer you discount coupons.

Hire a professional e-waste recycling company

You can call a professional e-waste recycling company to pick up the old TV from your home and recycle it. Usually, most e-waste recycling companies charge you a nominal pickup fee when you schedule the pickup. This is the most convenient option of all, as you do not have to load the TV into your car or truck and transport it to the e-waste recycling center. Not just that, it also saves your fuel cost. So, this option may turn out to be cost-effective for you too.

Can I donate my old TV?

Yes, you can donate your old TV to nursing homes, clinics, and charitable organizations. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that they are in good working condition. If they are in bad condition, it will cause trouble for them. So if your old TV is in working condition, donate it. You can also get the receipts for the donation made. It can help you save money on taxes.

Where to recycle old TV for free in Fresno, CA?

You can recycle your old TV for free in Fresno, CA, at the Xtreme Green Recycling e-waste recycling center. We are located at 1090 Cole Ave Clovis, CA 93612 ( First roll-up door on the right). We accept most electronic items for free drop-off. We are open Mon-Sat 10 am-2 pm.


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