Electronic waste is a global concern that is contributing to environment-related problems. We live in a digital era, where almost everyone (electronic device users) produces e-waste. Since you are reading this post online, you are also one of them. But, nothing to worry about! You don’t need to be guilty because you can minimize the impact of e-waste by opting for e-waste recycling. 

From your smartphone to television and computer, you can recycle all electronics. Since most parts of computers are recyclable, you can rely on professionals for secure hard drive recycling without worrying about the safety of data. The DIY methods to dispose of hard drives can be cheap and easy, but relying on them is not safe for the sensitive information stored in your hard drive. Continue reading this post to know more about secure hard drive recycling.  

Why Choose Hard Drive Recycling?

Hard drives are made of aluminum and small amounts of rare earth and heavy metals. But, people often avoid hard drive recycling as they are concerned about safety. But, institutions or IT companies having a large number of hard drives need a reliable solution to recycle old drivesas storing hard drives unnecessarily is not wise. Also, there is a ban on throwing e-waste in the trash in some states, including California. So, the best is to choose professional e-waste recycling services that ensure to destroy the data before recycling the hard drives.  

Popular Ways to Wipe Data on Hard Drive 

Here’s a list of some popular ways you can choose to wipe data on the hard drive to make it non-retrievable. 

  • Refurbisher

If you have a windows PC, you can take the help of windows-certified refurbishers to wipe your hard drive. Locate the refurbisher of your choice and ask about their services. Some refurbishers offer to recycle the hard drive while others send it back to you wiped clean. In addition, if you have a Mac computer, you can send the hard drive to the Apple recycling center.

  • Destroy the Hard Drive 

The most reliable method to ensure secure and free hard drive recycling is data destruction. You can break the hard drive manually, which will make it impossible for anyone to access your data again. Various methods you can use for destroying the hard drive include – drilling holes into it, hammering it, or magnetizing it. However, relying on professionals for physical data destruction services is a better idea. 

  • Wipe Your Hard Drive with Software 

Removing personal information is extremely important before sending a hard drive for recycling. So, you can take the help of computer-wiping software for this purpose. However, the software may have limitations, and it does not guarantee the complete destruction of data. Choose the software you like, install it, and follow the instructions to remove personal information or data from your hard drives. Some popular software you can use are – Killdisk, Derik’s Boot and Nuke, and ErAce. 

The Bottom Line 

Whether you are an individual or an organization, data security is important for everyone. So, ensure the safety of your data before recycling the hard drive with the on-site physical data destruction services of Xtreme Green Recycling in Visalia. Visit our website to know how our data safety destruction services works!


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