There is hardly any business out there that is most reliant on the use of electronic items to perform its operations. It’s just some businesses consistently produce e-waste while some less frequently. For example, I.T. companies keep updating their electronic items from time to time. The big companies even have a dedicated department to manage the procurement and disposal of I.T. equipment.

If your business is generating e-waste, you can use these three ways to recycle it. These ways will cover almost every size of business, from large I.T. firms to small units.

E-waste Recycling Buyback Program

E-waste recycling programs run at various levels. The essential component of any e-waste buyback program is that you get the rewards in exchange for your e-waste. These rewards can be anything from cash to free e-waste recycling or in-store rewards. Many e-waste recycling programs are conducted at State level, while national programs are also in the applications.

Even manufacturers of electronic devices and private e-waste recycling companies also run buyback programs. At Xtreme Green Recycling, we also run corporate I.T. buyback programs that help you turn your trash into cash.

I.T Purchase Buy Back Program

Professional e-waste recycling services

The thing with buyback programs is that sometimes they are not ideal for small businesses. Each buyback program comes with its own terms and conditions. In that scenario, hiring a professional e-waste recycling company is one of the best choices.

Professional e-waste recycling companies arrive at your business place, clear all the clutter and transport it to the recycling center. Whether or not you will be charged for e-waste recycling services depends on the type, amount and value of the e-waste.

For example, 9 out of 10 businesses qualify for free e-waste pickup and recycling when using our e-waste services. In many cases, if the quantity and type of material are right, we may be interested in purchasing your company’s I.T. equipment.

E-Waste recycling services

Donate your electronics

If you want to be charitable, then your outdated electronic items can be an ideal way to do so. I.T. companies often update their hardware but they are in perfect working condition. You can donate those items.

Again, to do that, you have a variety of ways. You can get in touch with NGOs, local charitable organizations or hire certified professional e-waste recycling companies to donate your old items. When working with a reliable business, you get slips for the donation you made, which can help you save money on your company taxes.

So, these are the three best ways to recycle your business e-waste. It is very important to note that it is illegal to dispose of e-waste in landfills or dump it into empty spaces. You need a reliable and appropriate way to dispose of your electronic item. If your e-waste contains critical information, it is important you should properly destroy all the information to avoid theft.

At Xtreme Green Recycling, we come to your place of business with our 12-tonne crusher that physically destroys the hard drive platters, ensuring those drives will never be used again.


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