Hard drives are the storage platters used for storing data on computers, laptops, and other electronic devices. At some point, old computers need to get decommissioned. If you have a computer at your home or have several computers at a business that need to be decommissioned, you are always recommended to delete all the information stored on the computer before dropping your computer at an e-waste recycling center or buyback store.

The thing with deleting the data manually is that most of the data can be recovered easily using data recovery software. This puts the stored information on the hard drive at risk, which further leads to phishing and fraud. Therefore, the importance of the right disposal of hard drives and hard drive recycling comes into play. In this post, we will find out how to dispose of a hard drive properly.

Physical destruction of storage platters

Physical destruction is the most reliable method of hard drive destruction. In this method, the storage platter of a hard drive is accessed and destroyed. This ensures that the hard drive cannot be used to recover the data because the data storage strips have been destroyed physically. There are two ways for the physical destruction of storage platters: DIY and hiring a professional.


In the DIY method, you need a toolkit and guide to destroy your hard drive. This method is ideal for people who have one or two hard drives to destroy because accessing a hard drive platter takes time. Buy a toolkit, find a good DIY guide online, remove the case of the hard drive, access the storage platter, and shred it. You can destroy the storage platters using a hammer or scratch them using a screwdriver. Make sure they are destroyed completely.

Hire a professional

You can hire a professional company for the physical destruction of hard drives. Professionals have the hard drive crusher that destroys the hard drives by crushing them. This method is ideal for companies that have several hard drives to destroy. An individual can also make use of this service by dropping off the hard drives at an e-waste recycling center. Most e-waste recycling companies recycle old hard drives for a fee. It is recommended to visit a certified e-waste recycling center for the data destruction of hard drives.

Benefits of Physical Destruction of Hard Drives  

Eliminates the Chance of Data Theft

Physical data destruction eliminates the chances of data theft. Improper disposal of hard drives in the landfills results in higher risks of data theft. Data thieves recover hard drives from landfills and recover information for malicious activities.

Legal Disposal of Hard Drive

You cannot throw your e-waste into the garbage. Hiring a professional ensures the legal disposal of hard drives. A certified hard drive disposal service physically destroys the hard drive and then recycles it as per the industry standards.

Peace of Mind

Physical data destruction brings peace of mind. You do not have to worry about the storage of hard drives in a safe place in your garage or store. You can empty your garage space and have peace of mind.


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