You Abuse the Earth when you Refuse to Reuse. Every household, industries or IT companies have electronic waste that they dump in bulk. E-waste needs to be dumped at the right place by getting associated to the e waste services companies. They collect these dumps and recycle it to form a new product out of it, which can be used alter on.

What is E-waste?

E waste is the electronic waste that are dumped when they are not of use anymore. The e-waste is very significant source of metals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminium that can be recovered and made into useful products. The significant role that the waste plays is that it has important economic potential in the efficient recovery of valuable materials.

E- waste can be only managed by sustainable management procedures. The sustainable management refers to donate the used electronic waste or household hazardous waste for reuse as it extends the life of valuable products. Recycling electronics is important as it prevents valuable materials going into waste stream and dumping yards. Sustainable management is a long-term approach towards the environment’s health.

How are E waste recycled?

You must be wondering so as to what happens after e waste breaks down? The e waste under-goes the whole process of recycling, which involves a lot of procedures. The electronic wastes are at first collected from different places and sites and then transported to specific places. The moment the bins get overloaded they are transported. After being sent to its destination, it is then shredded and sorted, so that extracting the valuable scarce becomes easy. Shredding involves breaking the cluster into smaller pieces and then are dismantled. The materials then get categorised into core materials and components.

After the breaking down of waste, they are waste materials are broken down more to get rid of the dust materials. The process of magnetic separation then starts and it helps to separate iron and steel from other wastes. The water separation is the used to separate the glass and the plastic for the production of batteries, x-ray tubes, etc. The wastes the goes through purification process and are prepared for recycling the materials.


Importance of E-waste Management through Recycling:


  • Generates employment opportunities for individuals and enterprises.
  • Helps extracting valuable materials.
  • Keeps away harmful materials from the environment.
  • Prevents water pollution by keeping away the harmful toxic acids away.
  • Saves raw materials and resources.
  • New products out of the old damaged products are invented for use.

What is the impact of e-waste dumping on the environment?

The population has been increasing and so has the amount of cluster dumped yearly increased. The e waste is extracted and collected from industries, companies, houses and much more. The household hazardous waste release certain toxic acids which blend with the air around, if kept for long and hampers the health conditions of the people living. The pollutants from this hazardous waste accumulate in our bodies and increase the chances of cancer, and for children, it is very vulnerable because the toxic environment decrease their proper growth rate.

What are the economic benefits of e-waste recycling?

  • Makes scarce resources available to manufacturers.
  • Reduces the burden on a country’s economy by making products out of damaged ones and generating revenue.
  • Consumers receive lowered costs materials.
  • Eliminates the cost of maintaining waste sites and transportation of e-waste.
  • Reduces the price of raw materials.


The world is wide, and so is the amount of electronic cluster. The dumping of the cluster is increasing with the increasing technologies. To meet the requirements of the healthy environment, new technologies have been invented, especially e waste services.

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