A couple of years ago, the World Economic Forum posted a blog on its website titled – The world’s e-waste is a huge problem. It’s also a golden opportunity. The post revealed that 50 million tonnes of e-waste are produced each year and if left unchecked, it could more than double to 120 million tonnes by 2050.

The United Nations calls it a tsunami of e-waste but it is a golden opportunity as well. More than 120 countries have an annual GDP lower than the value of our growing pile of global e-waste.

A lot of precious minerals, metals, and resources are dumped into landfills and that is where the golden opportunity of e-waste recycling resides.

Three Key Benefits of E-Waste Recycling for IT Firms    

1. Turn e-waste into a sales opportunity

As discussed earlier, e-waste contains a range of valuable precious minerals, metals and resources. That’s why you will often see a range of buy-back IT programs run by the government, private e-waste recycling companies and manufacturers. You can easily turn your e-waste into a sales opportunity. These programs offer rewards in exchange for your e-waste. You may get cash rewards or in-store credits. The only restriction with this type of buy-back program is your e-waste should hold some good value. Not every type of e-waste qualifies for the buy-back scheme. You need to check the program details to find out the items eligible for buy-back.

2. Protect the environment and natural resources

By investing in e-waste recycling, you can protect the environment and natural resources. There are primarily two ways to handle your e-waste: either dump it into landfill or recycle it. When you dump e-waste into a landfill, the hazardous materials can leach into the waterways and soil. These dangerous leaks can destroy the soil and natural resources in the area, or even harm animals and humans indirectly in many ways. Proper recycling ensures the safe disposal of e-waste. As you can reclaim the precious metals and resources through recycling, they can be reused to manufacture new parts that reduce the burden of extracting new resources from mother nature.

3. Data destruction

You have all heard of identity theft. Many criminal elements try to recover data illegally from storage devices dumped into landfill. When you invest in authorized e-waste recycling services, your data safety is assured. Professional e-waste recycling companies and authorized e-waste recycling centers provide you with data destruction services that destroy the data according to industry protocols so it cannot be recovered.

At Xtreme Green Recycling, we take data destruction very seriously. We ensure the safety of your data and your client’s information with our on-site destruction service, which includes physically destroying the hard drive platter on-site, at your place of business, with our 12-ton crush and ensuring those drives can never be used again.

These are the three key major benefits of e-waste recycling for IT firms. If you do that, you automatically make a huge contribution to the circular economy, and it’s good for the nation.


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