Are you a government agency, school or business located in Madera CA with e-waste problems? E-waste grows faster than other garbage streams in Madera CA. Electronic junk usually takes up useful space in your garage or yard as the business continues to depend on electronic gadgets.

When you stay in a place for slightly over 10 years, you begin to build up a lot of e-stuff.

Each week innovation changes the face of cell phones, TVs, laptops and desktops which are better equipped to handle tasks in your ever busy life. Here are a few tips to help you manage e-waste.

  1. Drop-off center

Recycling is made easy. Look out for curbside collection that Madera CA offers. Find out where to drop off electronic waste. Make it a tradition to round up e-waste in the household or business. Or even better, circle a month like twice a year to dispose of the junk. Designated recycler locations are always available online.

Did you know that filling the trash bin with e-waste is illegal? You have to take the materials to a collection center. It is cheaper to gather the e-stuff altogether rather than dispose of them piecemeal.

  1. Buyback program

Some buyback centers allow clients to bring stuff at amazing recycling rates. Before purchasing a computer or camera from your favorite store ask if they will buy back the product. You can trade in old stuff for new ones.

  1. Sort out the e-stuff

Separate e-stuff from other items before taking them to a waste collector facility near you. Wipe any data on your computer before taking it to the recycler.

  1. Give away or sell

Is your phone or TV still in good condition? You can donate it to a friend or family member. Is there a free tv recycling near me? Sites like eBay or Craiglist are good spots for selling cheap items you want to dispose of.

  1. What items does your recycler accept?

Electronics such as circuitry boards, TVs, printers and old silicon chips contain harmful chemicals like cadmium, mercury, and lead. Is your recycler following government policies on disposal of electronic gadgets in Madera CA? Do not dump them in landfills since such materials require noteworthy treatment because they are unsafe in nature.  First, take out the battery from the electronic gadget before disposal.

  1. Rebates

Consider the financial rebate you may be able to claim from the e-stuff.

  1. Purchase fewer

Ask yourself if you really need an electronic gadget before buying.

To sum up, recycling is not merely filling the recycling bin each week.  Recycling gives products a lifeline. Tons and tons of products pile in landfills. Recycling is one of the amazing ways of bringing value to the used products and materials.

Taking simple steps will protect the family and reduce pressure on the environment. Inasmuch as a lot of waste is already in landfills efforts directed towards recycling will go a long way in making a significant impact on the environment for later generations.


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