With the growing problem of e-waste, the electronic recycling industry has also evolved over the past years. Unfortunately, the popularity of e-waste disposal has also resulted in false beliefs and misinformation. Though there is no data to back such myths, people still believe in such information. Therefore, it’s important to identify and bust such myths so that people act responsibly in the future to protect the environment. So, read this blog post to know about a few popular e-waste myths and their reality.

Myth 1: We can’t prevent e-waste from entering landfills.

It is a common myth that the electronics eventually end up in landfills only. But that’s not true. E-waste recycling companies ensure that harmful materials are not disposed of in landfills. make sure to recycle materials like precious metals and dispose of the toxic components safely.

Myth 2: Only large electronics like computers and TVs are recyclable.

If you believe that you should throw the small electronics in the trash and send only large electronics to the recycling facility, it’s not the right approach. Size doesn’t make a difference. Whether it’s a cell phone, computer, or kitchen appliance, you can recycle all your outdated electronic equipment. You will be surprised to know that many toxic materials are used on small screens, so recycling such electronics is more important.

 Myth 3: We can throw e-waste into the trash because the city department separates the trash from e-waste.

People assume that putting electronics in the trash is safe because city disposal organization will manage their recycling. But it never happens. Instead, you can check out the local guidelines or look at local recycling organizations for a better option. In addition, your city may also have a designated area to drop off the electronic items.

Myth 4: It’s risky to recycle because there are many data thieves. 

The risk of data theft is real, but it should not stop you from contributing to e-waste recycling. When you choose a reliable e-waste recycling company, they ensure to use the best practices for the safe disposal of electronics. You can yourself do a factory reset and erase all your data from your devices before sending them for recycling. Also, when you recycle old hard drives, ask the recycling company for physical data destruction to ensure no one will ever be able to access data on them ever again.

Myth 5: We don’t need to worry about the e-waste because it gets shipped overseas.

It’s true that most e-waste is shipped overseas. But, even that’s not the right thing to do. The e-waste is harmful to the environment as well as to human lives. So, e-waste recycling organizations are trying their best to promote recycling rather than sending the toxic waste to other countries.

Ready to Recycle Your E-Waste Safely?

Now that we have busted the popular myths about e-waste recycling, it’s time to contribute to e-waste recycling. Awareness is important to fight the e-waste problem, but misinformation can hinder it. So, if you want to know more about the importance of e-waste recycling services or want to recycle your outdated electronics in Visalia, you can count on Xtreme Green Recycling. Partner with us to manage your e-waste recycling and removal!


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