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IMPORTANT NOTE: WE ARE ONLY AVIALBLE FOR DROP OFF ON SAT. FROM 10AM-2PM! WE DO OFFER $25 RESIDENTIAL PICK UP WITHIN FRESNO AND CLOVIS CITY LIMITS DURING THE WEEK DAY.  FURTHERMORE, due to such a large amount of printers and microwaves being recycled we have  implemented a small $5 fee per ink jet printers , $10 per laser printer,  and $10 fee per microwave. These items have no recycle value to us, and in the end cost us a signigicant amount to dispose of properly.  No State funds are available for any electronic items other than CRT and LCD units.  So please do not get upset with the recyclers get upset with your politicians! smiley



Recycling electronics is what we do. Having a heart for humanity, is who we are...We are expanding our mission! Not only to help the planet but the help people who live in it as well! We have been blessed by all our customers by choosing our services. Our family feels it is our responsibility to give back! Starting 5/27/16 we will begin sponsoring several non-profit organizations who help provide clean water and healthy meals to those in need world wide. Help us, help the world, by choosing Xtreme Green as your choice E-waste company not only will you be helping the planets environment you will be helping alleviate the sufferings of others. 

As of 5/27/16 : 345 people have clean water because you, our customers, decided to choose us for your E-waste needs!


E-Waste Facts

Electronic waste management in America is a joke. Between 80 and 85% of electronic items are tossed in landfills. Although e-waste makes up only 2% of America’s trash, it equals 70% of the country’s all toxic waste! There is a huge need for professional waste management and this is simply why we exist! Our goal is to educate the public about the importance of recycling e-waste. By providing the greenest, cleanest, and easiest way for recycling we hope to reduce as much toxic waste into our environment as possible! Last year we reduced 347,482.64lbs of GHG emissions and diverted 7,188lbs of toxic metals and over 6979lbs of lead. Furthermore, we recovered over 84,400lbs of metals like copper, silver, and gold!

Benefits of Recycling your E-Waste

  • Clears up space. 
  • Prevents harmful chemicals entering our environment
  • Fast and reliable service 24 to 48 hours onsite time!
  • Headache free process just give us a call and live customer service rep will be glad to assist you with your questions.
  • We offer onsite Data Destruction Services for an added layer of security.

​Why Choose us over the other guys? 

Well for starters we are cooler! I mean just look at our logo who wouldn't want to do business with a Eco conscience frog?  As cool as we believe we are, don't take our word for it, just read what some of our customers have had to say about our service via Google reviews!  Note: The faces and and names have been changed to protect the identity of our customers.  Not everyone is photogenic  as these stylish models below, so though the pictures are fake the testimonials are 100% Real!

About Us

Just few years ago we started our recycling business by pulling computers, electronics and other items out of the trash and curb side pick up.

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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a pick up please feel free to contact us Via Email. Someone will get back to you within the hour to assist you with any of your E-Waste questions or needs. You can also give us a call:

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