Business Services

  • We offer free pick up to our business clients. Just give us a call and will be onsite in most cases, same or next day!

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  • If you are looking for that added level of security now we offer it! (Optional not required)

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  • With idenity theft on the rise we offer a secure solution for our business clients. All Items are securely locked down and under 24/7 surveillance. Once items are shipped to our downstream recyclers all items are processed and destroyed. If you would like an added layer of security we are now offering Level 1 data destruction before it gets shipped out!

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  • We offer a free electronic recycling drop off Every Sat. 10am-2pm 2491 Alluvial Clovis CA 93611 Parking lot of Clovis Self Storage. Recycle your old or non working electronics such as computers, monitors, laptops, and much more! 

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Let us help you make room and space in your office place. Choosing Xtreme Green is the right choice when it comes to electronic recycling. We are # 1 in customer satisfaction. We leave your place clear of all electronics so you can have the much needed space freed up for the things you need.  Not only are we the fastest recycler in town, but we are one of the greenest in town as well. We only work with downstream recyclers that are E-steward certified. What does that mean? it simply means, none of the electronic waste is sent over seas! All is processed here in the states, before being baled and resold for scrap metal. You can have peace of mind knowing all your e-waste is not going to end up in someone else's backyard. We do the right thing 100% of the time. 

About Us

Just few years ago we started our recycling business by pulling computers, electronics and other items out of the trash and curb side pick up.

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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a pick up please feel free to contact us Via Email. Someone will get back to you within the hour to assist you with any of your E-Waste questions or needs. You can also give us a call:

2491 Alluvial Ave Clovis CA 93611

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