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Recycling is good, providing clean water and meals to those who are in need is even better... Our sole mission is to provide as much food and clean water to those in need around the world just by recycling E-waste. We are more than just an ordinary E-waste company. We have designed a business system that provides much more than just a recycling service, it provides the ability to help change lives. Every time our customers use us over the other guys not only are our customers helping our world stay green, you will touch the hearts of many just by recycling what we would consider trash.. It really is true, Ones mans trash is another mans treasure. The treasure being, water for life.  

The owner

Marc Marmolejo is a self starter, entrepreneur, and hard worker. By age 18 he was the youngest case manager at the Fresno Housing Authorities special case unit. After serving the housing community, he moved on to work at One by One Leadership, a faith based non profit organization who specialized in helping high risk rural communities by lower crime rates and call for services. Marc help aid schools in meeting state requirement by implementing educational programs within the schools curriculum.

By the end of his time working in the Del Rey community the school was taken out of title one status and a year later voted as a nationally recognized school. Crime also saw a significant drop and calls for service. After serving the Del Rey community, Marc saw the growing problem E-waste was creating for the environment, he also saw the lack of  electronic recyclers  located within the Fresno area. So he ventured to start his own E-waste company. It was not an easy task but it developed over the years from a small junk collecting company in a beat up truck to now serving some of the largest companies in the Valley! when Marc was asked what he loves most about owning his own recycling company, he said "It's the people, serving them, making recycling fun for residents and companies! When a customer recycles with us and thanks us for creating a company that serves Valley residents and their E-waste needs, it makes all the hard work worth it!"


About Us

Just few years ago we started our recycling business by pulling computers, electronics and other items out of the trash and curb side pick up.

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